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If you sense that the eye issue is serious, please contact 911. If within our service hours and you sense it is urgent, please call us for instructions and if needed, an immediate visit with Doctor Adams or you may be instructed to contact emergency services at 911.


“Our practice is dedicated to the highest quality eye care, and continuing the excellent service to which my patients have become accustomed. It is our unwavering commitment to provide the time and detail needed to each and every patient and to continue to treat all of our patients with respect and personal attention.”
- Dr. Kenneth P. Adams, DO, PC

Board Certified Eye Surgeon

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Our featured services

  • Eye Exams

    We assess the eyes through a series of tests in order to see their ability of vision, and seeing how well they can focus on objects.

  • Contact Lens

    We provide contact lens which can be used for prescription or therapeutic reasons.

  • Glaucoma Evaluation & Treatment

    Glaucoma is a one of the leading causes of blindness in the US, and at our institute we can evaluate and help treat the damages done by Glaucoma.

What we provide

Wide Range of Eye Surgical Needs

We provide comprehensive eye care to children and adults and specialize in Strabismus and Nystagmus. From routine eye exams, to performing amniotic membrane placement, Dr. Adams can help you with all of your optical needs!

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