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Here at See Doctor Adams, we strive to give you the best service possible. Our wide range of expertise allows us to help you with the majority of your optical needs. Our services include:

Refractions, eye muscle surgery, strabismus, crossed eyes, double vision, prism treatment, eye muscle exercises, botox, dry eye treatment, punctal plugs, Prokera, amniotic membrane placement, pterygium evaluation, blepharospasm botox, glaucoma lasers, selective laser trabeculoplasty YAG peripheral iridotomy, YAG capsulotomy, after cataract treatment, chalazion excision, excision eyelid masses and biopsies, dermod cyst excision, cataract evaluation, visually evoked potentials, electroretinogram, optical coherence tomography, visual fields, plaquenil evaluation, amblyopia treatment, cortical visual impairment evaluation and treatment.

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