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“A year ago our son Joseph developed redness in one eye and his eyes became light-sensitive. His primary care provider treated him for an infection and when things didn’t improve referred us to Dr. Adams.

We were impressed with Dr. Adams credentials and more impressed when he quickly diagnosed uveitis. Uveitis is the leading cause of blindness in the world. He was aggressive with Joseph’s treatment and had us in for weekly visits. As a father Dr. Adams understood our concern for our son and when we thought we needed him to be seen, he and his team made room for us to come in immediately. They treated us like we counted and respectfully took the time to answer all our questions - which gave us hope and helped us to cope as a family.

I am a former teacher and my wife works in education, so we give Dr. Adams and his team our highest recommendation, an A+!”

Jacob & Michelle Martinez

The Adams Team isn't confused about who provides for our really cool jobs - You Do. We are blessed by you. We are fully committed to you!

  1. You will get respect on the phone and in the office.

  2. We have snacks for you and the kids.

  3. We respect your time and will not subject you to an unreasonable wait.

  4. Your wait will be comfortable and you'll be able to work via the public internet access in our waiting room.

  5. When you ask a question related to your health or your child's, we will provide the answer or find it.

There is nothing worse than skipping lunch and leaving work early to rush to school, pick up your child, and get them to the doctor's office in time. You go to the receptionist who doesn't give you that friendly greeting you expected, no eye contact showing respect, hands you a form and directs you to wait. Then, without respect for your time as a professional, you wait on a none-padded chair and your stomach is reminding you, "you should have eaten!" You brought your notebook and there is no internet. When it is your turn, you are rushed into the exam room where a doctor appears, tells you what they think and then leaves without asking if you had any questions.

Not the Adams Team, we will let you know by everything we do and every thing we say that we are respectfully committed to you, our customer, and your family's health!

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